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Instructor Cassie Richey

  • Kung Fu Instructor
  • 2nd Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu
  • 1st Degree Blask Sash in Tai Chi
In Grandmaster Gohring's words:
Instructor Richey started with my school in July 2009. She was looking for a martial art to study and had read about Kung Fu, its origins in Ancient China, learning that it is one of the oldest and purest forms of martial arts. She searched for schools in Austin and found Master Gohring’s through many positive reviews on the internet. She signed up for a week of classes through the online special. She loved the classes and interaction with the instructors, enrolling in the Kung Fu program at the end of the week.

Instructor Richey started training in the middle of a Crane Kung Fu rotation and earned her Gold sash in October of 2009. She appreciated the intense workout of the classes. She has struggled with weight issues for many years and had been over 200 pounds a few times in her life. The Kung Fu program has gotten her back to a healthy weight and helped her to maintain the weight loss. The classes, both teaching and as a student in the advanced Black Sash continue to challenge her physically and mentally.

Instructor Richey became a 1st Degree Kung Fu Black Sash in December of 2012. She continued her studies and earned her 2nd Degree Kung Fu Black Sash in December of 2014. She joined the Tai Chi Program in 2014 and earned her 1st Degree Tai Chi Black Sash in December of 2016. I look forward to watching her continue her martial arts training and advancement through the years to come. Instructor Richey graduated in 1996 with a BA of Anthropology/History from the University of Miami in Florida. She has worked at the Department of Public Safety for 15 years and is currently the supervisor of an auditing group. Her section of employees travels, audits and trains adults at Criminal Justice Agencies across the state.

" Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"
―Bruce Lee


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