Lil' Dragons Kung Fu for 4‑6 year olds

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Yes, that's me, Thomas Gohring but, you know, everyone calls me Grandmaster Gohring. Thank you so much for your interest in my Lil' Dragon's program. I have been training for 30 years, teaching for 27 years and running my own school for almost 20 years. I love working with my 4-6 year olds and I am the teacher for this class. Lil' Dragon's is my favorite class to teach. It is also my most popular class, with new students enrolling almost every week, year round. Because of this demand I am adding this message and limiting the new enrollment to no more than 3 new Lil' Dragons a month.

Master Gohring with a Lil' Dragon


The Lil' Dragons is a kung fu program specifically designed for children ages 4, 5 and 6. This program focuses on improving Pre-K aged children's listening and motor skills. These skills will help them enter society with more confidence and enthusiasm.Austin Family Readers' Poll Favorite Logo 2007...2016

There are eight major skills our instructors focus on when training children ages four to six, those skills are: focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness and coordination.

In each class we cover one of these skills with a wide variety of activities that are fun and at the same time educational. All skills are taught in a safe and supervised environment.

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Anne Desloge

5 Star Review

My daughter attends the Little Dragons program and has taken to it like a fish to water! She looks forward to the weekly sessions with great excitement and enthusiasm. Master Gohring and his fellow teachers are gifted in working with kids: facilitating a learning experience and helping hone a focus in the kiddos while maintaining a lightness and humor all the while.

It's lovely and I recommend it regularly to others :)!

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Roberta Mason Simmin

5 Star Review

This has been a very good experience for my 5 yr. old granddaughter. I hope to continue for years to come!

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Servando Gomez

5 Star Review

My Son loves the experiance. Great staff, and fun for the kids.

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Amy Minton
Happy House Wife / Mommy

5 Star Review

In January, my husband and I decided it was time to get our four year old son involved in a social/physical activity. We had heard good things about Master Gohring and thought we should give his school a try. The three of us were given a free lesson together to give us a small taste of what the school is all about. My husband and son were signed up that day and started Kung Fu classes the next week. I, however, hesitated and wasn't so sure about Kung Fu. Then, Master Gohring introduced me to Tai Chi. He invited me to observe the beginner class to see if it was something I thought I'd like to do. I observed then started lessons that week. After the first lesson, I was hooked. I look forward to every lesson. This week marks a month since I started Tai Chi at Master Gohring's Tai chi and Kung Fu and have already noticed a difference in my overall well being. I am more flexible, sleep better at night and the usual aches and pains aren't as frequent or severe. Besides the physical improvements, my family has a common interest we all enjoy. Master Gohring has a saying, "The family that kicks together, sticks together." He is dedicated to strengthening families through martial arts and is sincere about it. I am very happy with our decision to attend Master Gohring's Kung Fu and Tai Chi and would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering studying martial arts.

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Tammy Stroud
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

5 Star Review

Our entire family has been studying martial arts at Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin, TX for the past two years, and we absolutely love our school. It is one of the best investments we could ever make for so many reasons. Of course, learning and practicing martial arts gives us increased energy and strength, improved posture and bodily control, clarity of mind and focus, and the ability to defend against a physical attack. But, there are some other aspects of Master Gohring's school that have impacted us on other levels. For example, when my husband and I enrolled our two children in the Little Dragons Kung Fu class, we did not know or expect that we also would be able to take Tai Chi or Kung Fu classes at a discount. Because of this generous policy, our family has a common interest that is healthy, active and affordable. We are grateful to Master Gohring for promoting families in this way. I am also impressed with Master Gohring's sincerity. I believe he and his instructors have the best interests of the students at heart. Master Gohring is honest in both his praise and his correction when he teaches. He has a natural style and a true desire to help his students discover their inner teacher. Another thing I admire about Master Gohring is his ability to command the respect and attention of his students, from the Little Dragons (4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds) to the most advanced. I like the way he requires everyone to say, “Yes, Sir/Ma'am” or “No Sir/Ma'am” to instructors or Black Sashes. Because he creates an awareness and healthy respect for authority,we as students are open and able to take advantage of the wisdom of experience. In sum, I feel honored to know Master Gohring and to call him “Sifu” and would vouch for his integrity and ability as a teacher without reservation. I invite everyone to come visit Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu!

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Leanne Johnson
AISD Teacher

5 Star Review

My son, Asher wanted to do Kung fu. We liked the idea of a group activity and you were highly recommended. Little dragons was awesome! Level of commitment that it may turn into a barrier for me. You all worked with our individual family situation (thank god bc we could not participate at full price on my income and no child support) I am excited that my son Asher can advance to a high level.

We first learned of your school through recommendations from friends on FB. Asher is very serious and feels good about his accomplishments. His focus is better health. Good male role models. He learns respect and routine. The best thing you can do for your kid is enroll him at Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin Texas. :-)

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Grandmaster Gohring

Master Gohring Portrait

Grandmaster Gohring has studied Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga since 1986 with several well-known Masters. He earned his first Black Sash at the age of 17. Shortly thereafter his teacher opened a new school. His teacher said to him, “You’re teaching Kung Fu, you’re teaching Tai Chi and you’re in charge of the kids program.” He replied, “Yes Sir.” and the rest is history. He spent the following few years working for his teachers in their schools. Eventually he started classes in his back yard. In 1996, just as he was graduating from the University of Texas, he opened his own school on Airport Blvd.

Now 43 years old and an 8th Degree Black Sash, Grandmaster Gohring continues to enrich the lives of youngsters and the young of heart. Whether they start at age 4 or 84, Grandmaster Gohring and his team provide the individual care and nurturing necessary for each student to reach their full potential. Grandmaster Gohring’s team has established a diverse and welcoming community in his school. He has also become well known in the Austin community as an entrepreneur and founder/owner of Kick Butt Coffee. Come join him and his team and develop your Black Sash attitude.

"Black Sash is a metaphor for Excellence." - Grandmaster Gohring

More information about our school and pre-k martial arts

Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu, 6611 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78752 • 512-879-7553