Martial Arts for Kids and Families

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Let Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu help you and your children develop the strength, confidence & self-mastery skills to deal effectively with the challenges, choices & complexities of life.

Allow us to enrich and enhance your lives with...

• Increased attention to courtesy & respect
• Bolstered self confidence & self image
• Improved focus & productivity at work & school
• Better health, flexibility & physical condition

We'll help defend your children from...

• Bad manners & poor grades
• Inappropriate peer group pressures
• Childhood obesity & inactivity
• School bullies & child abduction

We focus our basic martial arts curriculum on children and families, while still providing a highly comprehensive training program for the serious martial artist. Fill out form below to give it a shot!

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Kate Hayes

5 Star Review

My kids love the challenging, fun kung fu classes at Master Gohring's. The instructors foster a positive environment and a sense of community among the students and parents.

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Kristofer Lee Muskiz

5 Star Review

Master Gohring is patient, flexible and has been very supportive. Our son is being accepted, as long as it takes, for my son to get comfortable with participation. He allows his students to learn at their own speed.

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Susan McGinn

5 Star Review

We have been attending Master Gohring's school for about two years now and we love it. We began by putting our son in the Little Dragons class, then my husband joined when our son moved into the family/mixed age Kung Fu group, then I joined Tai Chi, and eventually moved into Kung Fu also.

Master Gohring does a wonderful job of meeting you where you are "at". It is a wonderful environment because it is clear he loves what he does and he sets the tone for everyone. The teachers are experienced, motivational and kind. Our son is learning about responsibility, hard work, and his emotional and physical strength grows.

I've really loved our experience thus far and consider it an important part of "who" we are as a family. I am grateful for walking in and trying.

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Trisha Haley
Mother of Two

5 Star Review

We were first interested in taking classes for something to do as a family activity. Was unsure about the commitment. Turns out it was just right! My husband knew your location, that your location would be very convenient for us.

Greatest benefit I have received is that I'm much more active than I was before starting. It's a great community of good people. Mostly I just love that it's an activity we can do together as a family.

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Nicole Pinedo
Health/Wellness Consultant

5 Star Review

I wanted my son in martial arts. I was unsure about the cost/commitment because I'm a single parent. Sometimes things come up that can make long term commitment hard. I started my son because he loved it during the introductory process and I was very impressed with the instruction. Regardless of his fluctuation in interest, he has learned a lot. It's an amazing experience. I highly encourage parents thinking about enrolling there child to try it out.

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Marisa Q.

5 Star Review

The reason we we attracted to martial arts here is that we thought it would help our daughter come out of here shell, to help her with her disciple and to understand the difference between right and wrong and how she should act...We also wanted her to learn to defend herself. We wanted something that would build her up and improve her character...My name is Dolores and I started when I was about 4 or 5 and Kung Fu has helped me come out of my shell.

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Theron Cook-Kassens
McCallum High School Senior

4 Star Review

When I was 10 my Dad asked, what do you think about martial arts...do want to try that...I was a little hesitant but at the same time I could see myself fighting off bad guys and jumping over walls like Jackie Chan...I came into class, so excited...now I am seventeen and a 2nd degree Black Sash and this is what helps me from making bad decisions, it helps me stay off drugs and alcohol. This has become part of my life; I feel a sense of belonging that I believe everyone feels when they step into the school.

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Leanne Johnson
AISD Teacher

5 Star Review

My son, Asher wanted to do Kung fu. We liked the idea of a group activity and you were highly recommended. Little dragons was awesome! Level of commitment that it may turn into a barrier for me. You all worked with our individual family situation (thank god bc we could not participate at full price on my income and no child support) I am excited that my son Asher can advance to a high level.

We first learned of your school through recommendations from friends on FB. Asher is very serious and feels good about his accomplishments. His focus is better health. Good male role models. He learns respect and routine. The best thing you can do for your kid is enroll him at Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin Texas. :-)

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Wesley Adams

4 Star Review

I wanted my son to express confidence in his personality. I was unsure of the cost of everything. I was happy to see that Grandmaster Gohring was willing to work with me on the price. I enrolled my son because I thought it would be the best for my son. The greatest benefit I have gotten is knowing my son is developing into a strong man. If you are thinking of trying it out. I think you should. It's great!

Where are we?

Convenient Location
in North/Central
Austin, Texas, USA

Map of Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu and the surrounding area, including the ACC Highland Campus

Quick and Easy Access from
I-35, Lamar, 290 (2222) and 183

Conveniently located a block and a half
north of ACC Highland Campus on Airport Blvd. in the Yellow Brick Road Shopping Plaza.

Next to the China Palace Restaurant
and the Arpeggio Grill.

Near the Mercedes Dealership.
Visitors Welcome--Come Visit!
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Grandmaster Gohring

Master Gohring Portrait

Grandmaster Gohring has studied Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga since 1986 with several well-known Masters. He earned his first Black Sash at the age of 17. Shortly thereafter his teacher opened a new school. His teacher said to him, “You’re teaching Kung Fu, you’re teaching Tai Chi and you’re in charge of the kids program.” He replied, “Yes Sir.” and the rest is history. He spent the following few years working for his teachers in their schools. Eventually he started classes in his back yard. In 1996, just as he was graduating from the University of Texas, he opened his own school on Airport Blvd.

Now 43 years old and an 8th Degree Black Sash, Grandmaster Gohring continues to enrich the lives of youngsters and the young of heart. Whether they start at age 4 or 84, Grandmaster Gohring and his team provide the individual care and nurturing necessary for each student to reach their full potential. Grandmaster Gohring’s team has established a diverse and welcoming community in his school. He has also become well known in the Austin community as an entrepreneur and founder/owner of Kick Butt Coffee. Come join him and his team and develop your Black Sash attitude.

"Black Sash is a metaphor for Excellence." - Grandmaster Gohring

More information about our school and family martial arts

Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu, 6611 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78752 • 512-879-7553