Candidates for Graduation

Friday, February 3rd, 2017, 6:06 pm

Kick Butt Coffee
5775 Airport Blvd. Austin, Texas 78752

IMPORTANT: ALL candidates MUST attend graduation in order to be certified. If you cannot attend graduation, you are not eligible to graduate.  (Do not start procedure!!!) If you can attend graduation then CLICK HERE and fill out the form. Important information is at the bottom of this page.

Gold Sash
Brella Chappell
Kelly Chappell
Linda Figg
Mike Figg
Shea Foster
Asa Gentry
Brian Minault
Jose Sanchez-Palomo
John Stephens
Kelly Weber

Orange Sash
Tallulah Becker
Jeffrey Biles
Emily Brown
Kathy Jolink
Nicaro Narvaez
Julie Petersen
Lexie Petersen
Sonya Petersen
Dekel Sentis
Kim Steglich
Kathleen Taylor
Astrid Torres

Green Sash
Eric Bencken
Amelia Coleman
Jaquelin Martinez
Gracie McDaniel
Nehemiah Nunez
Zakary Perez
Santiago Valerio
Avery Yadav

Blue Sash
Josie Crager
Jessica Lockrem
Huai Pan
Michael Stathem
Robert Ryan
Sondra Ryan

Purple Sash
David Barrett
Jacob Espinoza
Suna Wakem

Purple Black Sash
Ariel Hernandez


"3-things" Testimonial Letter

Write a Testimonial Letter describing what you have noticed since your last sash and what you see for your future in your training including:

3 areas that you have improved on since you started our program,
3 areas that you would like to make improvements on,
3 actions that you need to take to create improvements in these areas.

You can e-mail or deliver in person.


Graduate Qualified Black Sashes (read this completely)

Our objective as committed instructors is to graduate qualified Black Sashes. This begins when you take that first step and earn your white sash and continues all the way to Black Sash and beyond. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when advancing to your next level:

1. We only recommend you if we know you will pass. We see you in class. We know how you are progressing.

2. The pre-test is on Monday or Tuesday during class. The test is on Wednesday or Thursday during class. The graduation is normally on Friday evening at the school.

3. The pre-test and test provide you with valuable feedback and help us as instructors formally check on your progress.

4. The test fee covers 6 things: your pre-test, your test, your graduation event, your framed diploma, your sash and your photo with Grandmaster Gohring.

5. Paperwork for testing includes: the recommendation form completely filled out, the “3-things” testimonial, the parent and teacher approval form (for children), the leadership sheet (for blue sash and higher) and the test/graduation fee.

6. The “3-things” testimonial is very valuable to us as instructors. It helps us tune in to where you see yourself in your training. It helps us help you.

7. Paperwork is almost always due the Friday before the week of testing.

8. The schedule for the whole year’s graduations is at the top of the Candidates for Graduation link page we email before every graduation. Plan ahead.

9. If you or other important family or friends are not getting emails from the school, let us know so you can stay informed.

10. There is no fee for spectators at the regular graduation that happens at the school. Please feel free to invite all your friends and family to share and support your progress.

11. Parking at the school is scarce on graduations. If you can, please park across the side street (Huntland Dr.) behind the gas station to save room for newcomers and their friends and families.

12. Your Black Sash Attitude: courtesy, respect and discipline are considered for each recommendation. Why earn a Black Sash if you don’t also become a better person?

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