Master Siytangco Chen Saber

Master Siytangco Impromptu Visit to Chen Saber Class


Abreviated Names of Postures1. Taiji Dao Preparation Form 2. Heart Protecting Dao 3. Blue Dragon Comes Out of Water 4. Wind Blows the Flowers 5. White Clouds Overhead 6. Black Tiger Searches Mountain 7. Su Qin Carries Sword On Back 8. Golden Rooster Stands Alone 9. Turn to Coming Force (or: Roll and Close to Coming Force) 10. Cut the White Snake at the Waist 11. Three rings around the Sun 12. Part Clouds to See the Sun 13. Search Grass for Snake Left 14. Search Grass for Snake Right 15. Blue Dragon Comes Out of Water 16. Wind Blows the Flowers 17. White Crane Inserts Golden Wing 18. Nei Zha Searches Sea Bottom 19. Turn and Chop Left 20. Turn and Chop Right 21. White Snake Spits Poison 22. Embrace the Moon 23. Taiji Dao Closing Form

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